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& Now,By All Means,Let's Get Started shall we & POLICE IN HAMMOND AND GARY, INDIANA, SAY they've discovered the bodies of seven women — one at a Motel 6 in Hammond, above — and believe the 43-year-old suspect may be linked to the murder of two other women 20 years ago.

The bodies of seven women found over the weekend in northwest Indiana have been linked to an unidentified possible serial killer who is in police custody and led authorities to at least three of the bodies, officials said Monday.

The women were found throughout Hammond and Gary, according to the Lake County coroner's office. The Chicago Sun-Times cited police sources saying the man in custody is a 43-year-old resident of Gary. Hammond Chief John Doughty said police will have more information at a press conference Monday at noon local time, but said the man gave police information on three other dead women, all in Gary. Hammond Mayor Thomas McDermott Jr. called the person of interest a “serial killer” in a Facebook post Sunday afternoon and said he has “admitted to a couple of homicides in Hammond,” that date back to 1994 or 1995. He also said in his posts that the man is a convicted sex offender.

"The suspect Hammond arrested for the Motel 6 murder is an admitted serial killer," McDermott wrote. "The suspect gave up the location of a body in Gary that was confirmed found where he said it would be."

"The suspect Hammond arrested for the Motel 6 murder is an admitted serial killer."

- Hammond, Ind., Mayor Thomas McDermott

The flurry of grisly discoveries began when Hammond police responded to a call of an unresponsive person Friday evening at a Motel 6 and found the strangled body of a woman identified as Afrika Hardy, 19. As part of the investigation into her death, police executed a search warrant on a home in Gary, where they also took the person of interest into custody, Hammond Police Lt. Richard Hoyda told the Chicago Tribune in an email.

The man, whose name is being withheld pending charges, later confessed, Hoyda said, and told police where to find three other dead women, all in Gary. Police discovered the body of Anith Jones, 35, of Merrillville, around 11:20 p.m. Saturday in an abandoned home in Gary. Her family had reported her missing on Oct. 8.

Jones' sister, Yolanda Nowell, previously described her as “very street savvy” and said she had moved 10 years ago from Chicago to Indiana, where she operated a stand at a nearby flea market.

Police found the next body around 1 a.m. Sunday and a third body less than an hour later, according to the Tribune.

Late Sunday, the coroner's office confirmed the discovery of three additional Jane Does, all of which were found in Gary. The city is ten miles from Hammond.

All seven deaths have been ruled homicides, according to the coroner's office. Most of the bodies were found in or around abandoned or fire-damaged homes in blighted neighborhoods, according to reports. The house near where Jones was found was described as being located in a thriving neighborhood, although it is unkempt, with overgrown grass and weeds.

In a statement, Gary Police Cpl. Gabrielle King sought to ease apprehension in the gritty city of 78,000, noting that the man is in custody and that Gary and Hammond police are working together to bring charges.

“We would like to dispel the rumor that there is a serial killer on the loose,” the statement read. “There is a 43-year-old man in the custody of The Hammond Police Department, who led officials to 3 deceased female victims who has claimed responsibility for their demise. Gary Police are closely working with Hammond Police to assist in covering every area of the investigation needed to pursue charges as expeditiously as possible. “

Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson and Gary Chief Larry McKinley in a joint statement asked for calm and patience.

“We commend the officers for their work thus far and ask the citizens to remain calm and patient as our teams work this investigation and do what they do best,” their statement said.

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